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DRS will help you to survive within your financial means every month. The process starts with a free and confidential consultation. We are registered in terms of the NCA as Debt Counselors.


Peace of mind for you & your family

Are you experiencing debt problems? Are you struggling to make monthly payments? Are you tired of getting calls from creditors? Afraid of being blacklisted?

We can help you avoid legal action, afford your monthly commitments and protect your assets. We are able to assist you in meeting your monthly commitments and protecting your assets. DRS will help you to survive within your financial means every month. We help reduce your monthly payments up to 40%.

What Are The Benefits

We can help you by restructuring your debt, relieving your financial stress, avoiding legal action, giving you piece of mind, giving you a free assessment and not ignoring your debt. The benefits of debt counseling is, you pay yourself first, you pay only one affordable monthly installment, DRS negotiates on your behalf and protects you from being blacklisted, your installment amounts are reduced, repayment periods get extended and your credit score is improved.



Avoid legal action and relieve financial stress. Once the process is complete, your name is cleared.


Afford your monthly financial commitments. You will have one affordable monthly payment!


We will act as a mediator between you and your creditors. This is a private and confidential service.


Protect your assets, including your house and vehicles. No more warrants or summons will be sent to you!


Which debts can be included? Home loans, vehicle finance, credit cards, store cards and personal loans.

How long does it take before Iím under debt review? After signing the application form, you have 5 days to get your paperwork to us. Once we have received all your paperwork, you are under debt review.

Will I be listed on the credit bureaus? Yes. However, this is NOT a blacklisting, but a flag on your record.


Did you know?

Debt is not a crime!
The National Credit Act protects over-indebted consumers.
No one can repossess your assets while you are under debt review.
No one can blacklist you while you are receiving debt counseling.

Debt Is Not A Crime

Are you in debt? In an uncertain economic climate, debt is a certainty. The law is on your side! DRS can help you. At DRS, we will act as a mediator between you and your creditors. This is a private and confidential service. We will manage your debt repayments. You will have one single monthly payment that you can afford. No more warrants of execution or summons will be sent to you. Once the debt review process is complete, the debtor's name is cleared immediately with the credit bureaus. For peace of mind, contact DRS today. Please visit us for a confidential assessment of, but not limited to, Home Loans, Credit Cards, Store Cards, Personal Loans, Installment Sale Agreement and Vehicle Finance. Contact DRS today for expert advice on debt restructuring for you and your family.


Why Apply

We restructure your debt and help relieve financial stress
Avoid legal action and enjoy peace of mind
Don't ignore your debt, contact us for a free assessment


Our Mission

Our mission at DRS Debt Help is to find out what options you have, solve your debt problems with punctuality and personality and relief your financial stress. We are passionate about helping people become debt free.


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Mo-Fri: 08:00 - 17:00
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